Aluminium Decking Systems

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Adek’s RIBA Approved CPD For Fire Rated Decking
Adek is committed to helping architects & specifiers alike, through CPD learning, in the use of aluminium decking for balconies, walkways and terraces. There is now a plethora of legislation, design guidance and fire testing surrounding the topic of non-combustible decking which can be challenging...
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Adek Clarifies The Fire Safety Classification System For Flooring Products
Following the release of the Hackitt Review in November 2018, it is now a legal requirement for any building materials incorporated into the envelope of a building exceeding 18 meters high, to be non-combustible. As they form part of the...
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Adek – A Complete Aluminium Decking System
The team from Ecodek and the Epwin Group PLC behind the design of the new Adek Balcony and Terrace Systems have put their combined industry expertise in to play by delivering a complete and comprehensive non-combustible decking system. Answering the newest Building Regulations surrounding the non-combustibility...
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Adek Answer Your Top 5 Frequently Asked Aluminium Decking Questions
Adek has been designed, engineered and evaluated by a cross-functional team of technical manufacturing experts at Ecodek and parent company Epwin Group PLC, who have a long established reputation for supplying decking into commercial high-rise buildings. We therefore have a...
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Adek – The First Decking System In The UK Made From 100% Recycled Aluminium
Adek - The First Decking System In The UK Made From 100% Recycled Aluminium Ecodek, the driving force behind Adek, are champions of sustainability and have a philosophy of developing products that have a low or negative carbon footprint. When...
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High Rise Balcony
A Guide To Fire Classifications
As of November 2018, it became a legal requirement for any building materials incorporated into the envelope of a high rise building, exceeding 18 meters in height, to be non-combustible. Given they form part of the building façade, balconies made...
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Adek Anthracite Domestic
Adek Aluminium Decking Puts Refurb Safety and Sustainability Front and Centre
The implementation of non-combustible building materials in the development of high-rise buildings has never been so prevalent, with balconies, roof terraces and walkway constructions increasingly specified within fire rated profiles. Following the Hackett Report - which examined building regulations and...
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Adek Has It’s Eye On Rapid and Safe Installations
The team at Ecodek have worked hard developing our new Adek System, taking into consideration the changing face of construction methods. There has a been a huge shift towards off-site and modular construction where you have huge time and cost...
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Aluminium – Revolutionising the Balcony and Roof Terrace Flooring Sector
Aluminium has been part of our lives for centuries, but in its most recognisable form from the late 19th Century, and in the early 20th Century where it was famously used in the construction of the Wright Brothers plane due...
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Putting Safety First
Safe, stylish, sustainable – the Adek evolution. The Grenfell disaster shone a light on the immediate need for fire resistant, fit-for-purpose outdoor flooring in all high-rise buildings. The result has been the introduction of new building regulations, which mean it...
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