How do I get rid of aluminium decking scratches?

As hard as we may try to protect our aluminium decking, accidents can happen. Dropping or dragging items across the coated surface can result in scratches or gouges, which can often be very noticeable, especially if your aluminium decking is a darker colour.  However, there are a few solutions which can help you get your decking looking its best once again.

If you have minor scratches to the surface of your aluminium decking, you can use a ‘touch up pen’ to blend and cover the damage. These pens are available from most reputable retailers, such as Adek. If you have a deeper scratch or a gouge, you may need to take further action and replace the Channel Cover or the entire aluminium deck board.

A simple panel lifting tool can be used to pull up the channel cover – providing your installer has left the recommended expansion blog! Also, you may need to remove the end trim to lift the channel cover, if this has been fitted. Then, you simply remove the fixing screws to lift the aluminium deck board and replace it. Existing channel covers can then be re-used if they are undamaged.

If you are unsure about which approach to take, talk to an industry expert – such as a member of our own knowledgeable Adek team – about the best solution for you. They will be able to advise and guide you on how to get your aluminium decking looking like new again.