Legislation & industry updates

A1 or A2? Or Is It Just A Numbers Game?
Our Technical Manager, Michael Roberts, explores if there’s a need to chase the A1 fire classification for Polyester Powder Coating - and whether the very highest safety rating is achievable at all.  "BS EN 13501-1 provides the fire classification procedure...
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High Rise Balcony
A Guide To Fire Classifications
As of November 2018, it became a legal requirement for any building materials incorporated into the envelope of a high rise building, exceeding 18 meters in height, to be non-combustible. Given they form part of the building façade, balconies made...
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Adek Anthracite Domestic
Adek Aluminium Decking Puts Refurb Safety and Sustainability Front and Centre
The implementation of non-combustible building materials in the development of high-rise buildings has never been so prevalent, with balconies, roof terraces and walkway constructions increasingly specified within fire rated profiles. Following the Hackett Report - which examined building regulations and...
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