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Adek non-combustible aluminium decking introduced by the Epwin Group Plc.

Adek has been designed, engineered and evaluated by a cross-functional team of technical manufacturing experts at Ecodek and parent company Epwin Group PLC, who have a long established reputation for supplying decking into commercial high-rise buildings. The development of Adek has been driven by the changes in building regulations following the Hackitt Review and is a non-combustible decking system.

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In these unique times having trust in your supply chain has never been more important. By specifying Adek, and with us as your aluminium decking suppliers, you will have the peace of mind you are looking for.

Ecodek, the driving force behind Adek, is part of the £200m Epwin Group Plc, one of the UKs largest manufacturers of extruded building products. With this knowledge in mind, when you place an order for Adek you are not only getting a fully certified non-combustible decking system but you are also dealing with a financially stable supply chain, both of which are critical factors in the successful completion of your project.

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