Adek Comfort Grip

The Adek Comfort Grip range, a fire rated A2FL-S1/ A2, s1-d0 board, offers a sleek and modern aesthetic with aluminium decking boards that will add architectural interest to any installation. Whether this be a compact & bespoke balcony design or large commercial roof terrace.

The unique Comfort Grip finish means the end user will find the flooring ‘foot friendly’, a smooth finish whilst offering high levels of grip.

Offering four profile (alternatives both in board width and depth) that will adapt to any design, the Adek Comfort Grip means specification for a new build development or refurbishment to existing buildings will be quick, simple and satisfy not only developers or building management companies, but also the home or business owner.

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Adek Enhanced Grip

If minimising slip risk is a paramount requirement to your project specification, Adek Enhanced Grip is the perfect choice. Not only does it offer a non-combustible fire rating of A2FL-s1/ A2, s1-d0 but it has been specifically developed to provide exceptional levels of grip in wet and dry conditions.

Both Adek Comfort Grip and Adek Enhanced Grip achieve a classification of low slip potential when tested to BS7976-2. However, Adek Enhanced Grip provides an additional 15% grip in dry conditions and an additional 20% grip in wet conditions, over and above the Adek Comfort Grip range proving it really is an enhanced grip decking system.

The Enhanced Grip range has a low profile (1mm) raised ridge running the full length of the boards. As well as providing excellent grip these ridges create an alternative and more commercial aesthetic. The chamfered shoulders of the ridges mean the boards are still comfortable underfoot, whilst providing exceptionally high levels of grip.

With the flexibility of aluminium decking board widths available and the additional support leg options, the Adek system is ideal for projects where both fire and slip resistance are critical factors.

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