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Aluminium Decking Components

The team from Ecodek and the Epwin Group PLC behind the design of the new Adek Balcony and Terrace Systems have put their combined industry expertise in to play by delivering a complete and comprehensive non-combustible decking system.

Answering the newest Building Regulations surrounding the non-combustibility of the building envelope, our aluminium decking components are lightweight, non-combustible aluminium decking system has been designed with the practicalities of everyday living in mind.

The Adek System comes complete with all the required aluminium decking fixings, including non-combustible aluminium decking bearers, adjustable pedestals, end plates, edge trims and additional support legs – the combination of these will depend on the supplication and profiles selected.

It is our aim to make the journey from specification through to installation a seamless process, and one far simpler than having to find several different manufacturers or suppliers for the various required elements.

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Adek - Complete decking systems with built in design flexibility
Complete System

Boards, bearers, pedestals, trims and fixings designed as one system.

Concealed Fixings

Fixings located within a channel and covered with an easy fit cover.

Load Spans

295mm extra wide board spans up to 1200mm fixing centres.

Board Dimensions

Width: 295mm or 174mm / Depth: 20mm or 30mm
Length: 4m, 5m or 6m + bespoke available

Rapid Installation

295mm extra wide board and easy to use fixings.

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Refurb Projects

Can be easily cut and adapted on site to replace existing decks

Aluminium Decking Components

SUPPORT LEGS (295mm boards only)

295mm boards can be ‘ripped’ down the full length for customisation on site. The support leg is fitted to the ‘ripped’ edge to complete the board.

Options: Length 4m, 5m, 6m
Available for 20mm or 30mm deep boards
Fire-rated: Non-Combustible


To create a neat finish to Enhanced Grip boards, end plates screw fix into integrated screw ports, which are found in the length of the board.

Options: 20mm deep x 147mm wide
20mm deep x 295mm wide
30mm deep x 147mm wide
30mm deep x 295mm wide
Fire-rated: Non-Combustible


These trims create a neat finish to Comfort Grip boards and can be used with both the 20mm and 30mm depths as well as 147mm and 295mm widths.

Options: Length 4m
Fire-rated: Non-Combustible

Pedestal for Adek decking system

A range of fully adjustable aluminium decking pedestals that work with all Adek boards.

Options: A series of pedestals with adjustable heights
Fire-rated: Non-combustible


Non-combustible aluminium decking bearers designed specifically for use with all Adek boards.

Options: Length – 2.5m or 5m
Profile – 25mm x 50mm x3mm or 50mm x 50mm x3mm
Fire-rated: Non-Combustible


Adek systems are supplied with specific aluminium decking screws for fixing the boards and the associated components.

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Tech Hub

Adek have developed a Technical Hub to allow you to browse documentation, drawings and supportive information about our Adek systems all in one place to assist you with the design of your decking project. This includes a full suite of detailed technical datasheets which are available to download.

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