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We have developed our Tech Hub so that you can browse documentation, drawings and supportive information about our Adek systems which will assist you with your decking project.

Our team of decking specialists are also on hand to answer your queries as we understand that sometimes talking through project requirements is the best way to resolve queries. If you have questions in relation to your decking project we are here to help.


Adek 2024 brochure (PDF)

Data sheets

Comfort Grip 147 (PDF)

Comfort Grip 295 (PDF)

Enhanced Grip 147 (PDF)

Enahnced Grip 295 (PDF)

Load spans

Adek load span table (PDF)


Comfort Grip 147:20 Profile (PDF)

Comfort Grip 295:20 Profile (PDF)

Enhanced Grip 147: 20 Profile (PDF)

Enhanced Grip 295:20 Profile (PDF)

Comfort Grip 147:30 Profile (PDF)

Comfort Grip 295:30 Profile (PDF)

Enhanced Grip 147:30 Profile (PDF)

Enhanced Grip 295:30 Profile (PDF)

Adek 20 Leg Support Profile (PDF)

Adek 30 Leg Support Profile (PDF)

Adek 20_Adek 30 147 End Plates Profile (PDF)

Adek 20_Adek 30 295 End Plates Profile (PDF)

Adek 20_Adek 30 Universal End Trim Profile (PDF)

Slip Test Data

Slip Test Data Sheet


Adek Warranty

Installation instructions

Adek Comfort Grip Installation Instructions

Adek Enhanced Grip Installation Instructions

Adek Screw Technical Data and Placement Instructions

Adek Roof Terrace Installation Instructions

Care and Maintenance

Adek Care and Maintenance Guide

If you have any questions, please contact our team of specialists.
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