How does Adek perform in slip resistance testing?

Adek Comfort Grip and Adek Enhanced Grip have excellent levels of slip resistance – under both wet and dry conditions. The boards’ powder coat finish is formulated to provide good contact between footwear or bare feet and the deck surface.

According to HSE guidelines, a low slip potential classification is achieved with a value equal to or greater than 36 when tested in accordance with BS7976-2 Pendulum Slip Test.

When tested, all Adek decking systems surpassed the required level and are therefore classified as having low slip potential in both wet and dry conditions.

Adek Enhanced Grip offers an additional 15% grip in dry conditions and an additional 20% grip in wet conditions, compared to Adek Comfort Grip, due to its low profile raised ridge.

For specific results for each system please download our specification data sheets found in the Tech Hub.


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