High performance aluminium decking for developers & contractors

Aluminium decking with off-site construction capabilities

With a complete overhaul to building regulations in recent years, having trusted manufacturers onboard to ensure compliance has never been more important.

Adek has been developed to provide the industry with a non-combustible, A2fl-s1 / A2-s1, d0 fire rated system that’s easy to install, durable, and low maintenance for everyday use.

Our high performance aluminium decking range comes in two grip choices, both available in 147mm and 295mm board widths, and in either 20mm or 30mm depths, making Adek suitable for most high rise decking projects.

As part of the £200m Epwin Group Plc, Adek offers financial security and a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the supply of products to the construction industry.

Adek Aluminium Decking
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Adek's approved CPD for fire rated decking

Adek is committed to supporting contractors and specifiers as they navigate the use of aluminium decking for balconies, walkways, and terraces. This is why we developed our CPD “A specifier’s guide to non-combustible decking systems”.

From changes to building regulations and legislation, to understanding fire legislation, the suitability of aluminium construction products and understanding slip resistance for non-combustible aluminium decking, our CPD provides an overview of the different factors you need to consider when choosing a flooring material for your next project.

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Adek high-performance aluminium decking systems

Our aluminium decking ranges offer complete versatility.

The Comfort Grip and Enhanced Grip 147 ranges replicate the width of most timber decking currently in place on balconies and terraces, making it ideal for retrofit projects.

Whilst the Comfort Grip and Enhanced Grip 295 ranges allow for rapid installation times due to their wider board width and increased fixing centres of up to 1200mm.

Additionally our Comfort Grip range offers a completely unique aesthetic with a sleek, foot friendly feel, whilst still obtaining the classification of low slip potential when tested to BS7976-2.

Prefabricated and crane installation

Adek’s aluminium decking is designed to allow for off-site construction, making it ideal for balcony subcontractors.

Integral to the design is an extra wide fixing channel, so an eye bolt can be directly secured to the balcony substructure, meaning that all boards can be fitted off-site and still allow for the completed balcony to be craned into position.

Once in situ and the eye bolts removed, a channel cover is snapped into place covering both the eye bolt holes and the Adek fixings.

Tech Hub

Visit our Tech Hub to browse documentation, drawings and supporting data on our Adek systems. Get everything you need in one place to assist with your decking project design. This includes a full suite of detailed technical datasheets which are available to download.

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