Adek non-combustible aluminium decking

Adek offers non-combustible, A2fl-s1/A2-s1, d0 fire-rated, wear and slip resistant decking systems

Adek's CPD for fire-rated decking

Adek’s CPD is ideal to support architects and specifiers navigate the requirements for decking on high-rise balconies, walkways and terraces.

A choice of aluminium decking profiles

Choose our sleek and modern Adek Comfort Grip boards or the Adek Enhanced Grip range that includes a low profile (1mm) raised ridge running the full length of the boards.

Designed for everyday living.
Safe. Simple. Durable.

Adek’s aluminium decking system is lightweight, non-combustible and A2fl-s1/A2-s1, d0 fire rated – designed with the practicalities of everyday living in mind.

Not only does Adek aluminium decking meet all safety requirements for high rise balconies, roof terraces and walkways, it is also simple to fit, either on or off-site.

The clean lines, sleek appearance and concealed fixings reflect modern building design. Manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium, it has a durable coating that provides both excellent slip and wear resistance, meaning it easily stands up to the rigours of everyday life.

Adek aluminium decking systems are easy to specify and design, and quick to install. More importantly they are safe, simple and durable, performing excellently year after year.

Adek is a brand of Ecodek, a leading UK decking manufacturer with a long-standing pedigree in supplying decking for commercial high-rise projects.

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Adek - Complete aluminium decking systems with built-in design flexibility
Board dimensions

Width: 295mm or 147mm / Depth: 20mm or 30mm
Length: 4m, 5m or 6m + bespoke available.

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Rapid installation

295mm extra wide board and easy to use fixings.

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Refurb projects

Can be easily cut and adapted on-site to replace existing decks.

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Complete system

Boards, bearers, pedestals, trims and fixings designed as one system.

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Concealed fixings

Fixings located within a channel and covered with an easy fit cover.

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Load spans

295mm extra wide board spans up to 1200mm fixing centres.

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Comfort Grip

Adek Comfort Grip is a fire-rated A2fl-s1/A2-s1, d0 board, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic that will add architectural interest to any installation.

Enhanced Grip

Adek Enhanced Grip is A2fl-s1/A2-s1, d0 fire-rated. It comes in a range of board widths and is ideal for projects where both fire and slip resistance are critical factors.

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Request our CPD for fire-rated decking

Adek’s CPD is ideal to support architects and specifiers navigate the requirements for decking on high-rise balconies, walkways and terraces. 

Our CPD: “A specifier’s guide to non-combustible decking systems” gives an overview of the different factors to consider when choosing high-rise decking for your next project.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Changes to the building regulations and legislation that have implications on products used in the external envelope of buildings
  • Suitability of aluminium in construction products
  • Fire legislation surrounding balconies on high-rise developments
  • An explanation on Class A2 fire-rating and the differences between A2fl-s1 and A2-s1, d0 classifications
  • Understanding slip resistance for non-combustible aluminium decking.
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