Putting Safety First

Safe, stylish, sustainable – the Adek evolution.

The Grenfell disaster shone a light on the immediate need for fire resistant, fit-for-purpose outdoor flooring in all high-rise buildings. The result has been the introduction of new building regulations, which mean it is now a legal requirement for any material used in the construction or refurbishment of high-rise buildings of 18m or above to be A2FL s1 fire rated

In response, Ecodek, part of the Epwin Group Plc, has developed Adek, an engineered lightweight aluminium flooring system specifically created to meet the new directives. With A2FL-s1 fire certification, the Adek system is ideal for both residential and commercial projects.

Adek is available in standard lengths and can also be manufactured to project specific bespoke lengths, dramatically reducing the cost of materials by decreasing the amount of waste generated and increasing the speed of installation. Adek is available in two board widths; a wide 295mm for large expanses, such as roof terraces, that can be ripped lengthways for a perfect fit, and a narrower 147mm board which is ideal for smaller areas and refurbishment projects. With a point load of 4kN, both Adek profiles are safe, simple and durable.

Putting safety first

The Epwin Group Plc and Ecodek understand the challenges faced by contractors working on new build and refurbishment projects at height. This has led to the development of a complete fire rated system that is extremely easy to install. With a concealed face fixing system and extra wide board, installing Adek could not be simpler or more efficient.

In addition, its unique wide channel can accommodate a lifting eye bolt so balconies can be constructed off-site and craned into position. A full range of different height aluminium pedestals and bearers also provide flexibility to project requirements.

“The events of 2017 highlighted the importance of utilising only the most appropriate materials in the development or refurbishment of buildings, particularly multi-storeyed dwellings. It led to the Government implementing a legal requirement for all building owners to replace non-Class A materials as soon as possible,” explains Felicity Hodgkinson, Marketing Manager at Ecodek.  “We have developed the Adek system in response to this, to assist the industry in attaining these new regulations, whilst still maintaining the highest level of quality and style sought by residents.”

Felicity Hodgkinson, Marketing Manager at Ecodek
Easy on the eye – and the feet

In addition to ensuring industry-leading fire-resistant credentials, Ecodek has also bought user experience and aesthetics to the fore. Adek’s innovative design has resulted in a smooth surface, which together with its anti-slip coating makes it safe and comfortable underfoot, even for bare feet, and the perfect choice for residential structures of any height.

Its sleek, contemporary appearance and minimalist, yet timeless design means Adek blends seamlessly into any building making it ideal for retrofitting and refurbishment projects

Taking on the recycling responsibility

Made from 100 percent recycled aluminium and being fully recyclable, Adek’s environmental credentials also make it an attractive proposition.

“Adek is the first decking system available in the UK that is made from 100 percent recycled aluminium. This ties in with the Epwin Group’s philosophy of developing products that have a low or negative carbon footprint.

“Recycling aluminium is an extremely environmentally sound process. The production of recycled or secondary aluminium uses approximately five percent of the energy that it takes to produce the same weight of primary metal – and, more importantly, the modern technology used in the production of Adek boards means there is no loss of quality or performance in our recycled material.”

Felicity Hodgkinson, Marketing Manager at Ecodek

In addition to the importance of meeting Government regulations and the need to meet its own environmental aspirations, Ecodek also understands the significance of the supply chain to its customers.

Taking on the recycling responsibility

“In these unique times having trust in your supply chain has never been more important but we’re confident that choosing Adek will give customers the peace of mind they are looking for,” continues Felicity.  “Adek has been designed, engineered and evaluated by a cross-functional team of technical manufacturing experts at Ecodek, who have a long-established reputation for supplying decking into commercial high-rise buildings.

“In turn, Ecodek is part of Epwin Group Plc, one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of building products. As such, the development of Adek has benefited from not only years of outdoor flooring expertise from Ecodek but also years of manufacturing knowledge drawn from the wider Epwin Group Plc. – and as part of this, Adek has the financial stability and reassurance required from a supply chain.”

Felicity concludes: “Adek has been a collaborative creation, bringing together the knowledge and expertise of everyone at Ecodek and the Epwin Group, and we are extremely proud of the product we have developed.  It fulfils all of the necessary building requirements, whilst maintaining our environmental credentials and providing the industry with an expertly designed, technically advanced, quality product.”

Felicity Hodgkinson, Marketing Manager at Ecodek