September 2022

fire rated aluminium decking
How Do I Remove Rust Or Paint From My Aluminium Decking?
The honest answer is that you don’t! In these circumstances prevention is better than cure and ensuring that your aluminium decking does not become rusty or resisting the urge to paint it, will be better for its longevity and integrity....
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How Do I Clean Aluminium Decking?
Adek aluminium decking has been specifically designed for everyday living in mind, regardless of application. This means it is not only robust, long lasting, and stylish, but it is also extremely low maintenance. Adek aluminium decking and aluminium balcony decking...
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How Do I Get Rid Of Aluminium Decking Scratches?
As hard as we may try to protect our aluminium decking, accidents can happen. Dropping or dragging items across the coated surface can result in scratches or gouges, which can often be very noticeable, especially if your aluminium decking is...
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