January 2024

anthracite aluminium decking
Does aluminium decking fade over time?
Aluminium decking is an investment and as such it needs to be robust enough to last, both in terms of safety and looks. As with all materials, the colour of aluminium decking may fade over a very long period of...
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How can aluminum decking scratches be prevented and removed?
As hard as people try to protect their aluminum decking, accidents can happen. Dropping or dragging items across the surface can result in scratches or gouges, which can be very noticeable, especially if the boards are dark in colour. However,...
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Aluminium decking maintenance – what are the key points?
Adek aluminium decking has been specifically designed with everyday living in mind, being extremely durable and long lasting. However, although very resilient, regular cleaning will help to keep it looking and performing at its best. How to clean aluminium decking...
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