How Do I Clean Aluminium Decking?

Adek aluminium decking has been specifically designed with everyday living in mind, being extremely durable and long lasting. However, although very resilient, regular cleaning will help to keep it looking and performing at its best.

How to clean aluminium decking

Aluminium decking such as Adek is very easy to maintain. A simple hose down will help remove loose debris and dirt, whilst a soft brush or mop and a specialist detergent can help eliminate more stubborn stains.

Whilst aluminium decking is robust, it’s recommended not to use pressure or steam washers and avoid harsh or abrasive materials and chemicals. These can compromise the surface of the deck and cause irreversible damage. If there are persistent marks that resist all cleaning efforts, it’s best to talk to an Adek expert who can advise on the best solution.

How to remove scratches from aluminium decking

Whilst no one aims to scratch the surface of their aluminium decking, accidents can happen. Most light scratches can be removed by using a non-abrasive pad. If the scratch is deeper, we would again recommend talking to our team before taking action.

When it comes to scratches, prevention is better than cure. For example, picking up items to move them rather than dragging them across decking, and adding soft protective pads to furniture legs will all help to prevent marks.

Check the structure of your decking

It’s just as important to maintain what lies beneath the aluminium decking as the surface. Keeping the structure clean and regularly maintained will help it retain its integrity, strength, and longevity. Regular inspection of screws, fixtures, and fittings will help identify problems early and resolve them before they become a bigger issue.

Overall, aluminium decking such as Adek could not be easier to maintain, meaning owners can spend more time enjoying their decking and less time working on it.

For further guidance on how to look after Adek aluminium decking, call our friendly expert team today on 01978 667 840.