How Do I Clean Aluminium Decking?

As hard as people try to protect their aluminum decking, accidents can happen. Dropping or dragging items across the surface can result in scratches or gouges, which can be very noticeable, especially if the boards are dark in colour.

However, there are a few ways to reduce the risk of damage happening, as well as solutions for when it does occur.

Buy wisely – choose a good quality powder coating

When choosing aluminium decking, find a collection that features a durable powder coating, such as Adek’s Comfort Grip and Enhanced Grip boards. This coating over the aluminium decking is not only for aesthetics – it also provides excellent slip and wear resistance.

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is always better than cure and there are a few ways to help prevent scratches from occurring.

Firstly, during installation it’s important that great care is taken to protect the surface until the deck boards are completely fitted – cover the decked area with the appropriate protection to prevent any loose debris damaging the boards.

Secondly, carrying items over the decking, rather than dragging them will help prevent damage. Furniture is often a big culprit of causing scratches, so if it can’t be lifted, adding soft pads to the feet of furniture items can also help to prevent scratches and gouge from occurring.

How to remove scratches from aluminium decking

Minor scratches

Minor scratches to the surface of aluminium decking can usually be covered using a touch-up pen. These pens are available from most reputable retailers, including Adek, and will come in a range of colours which coordinate with the decking range.

Major scratches and gouge

If you have a deeper scratch or gouge, a touch-up pen may not be enough to cover the damage. In this situation you may need to replace the entire aluminium deck board.

Adek has been specifically designed to be easy to install. Unlike other aluminium decking systems which have side fixings, Adek is fixed from the upper face of the board which means there is no need for cumbersome side clips. This means a single board can be easily lifted and replaced without affecting those on either side.

If you have scratches on your aluminium decking and are unsure about which approach to take, talk to industry experts at Adek on 01978 667 840 about the best solution for you. They will be able to advise and guide you on how to get aluminium decking looking like new again.