Aluminium has been part of our lives for centuries, but in its most recognisable form from the late 19th Century, and in the early 20th Century where it was famously used in the construction of the Wright Brothers plane due to its lightweight strength properties.

Another milestone for the rise of aluminium was the completion of the construction of the Empire State Building in 1931 saw aluminium used for the first time in the construction sector, and ‘The Wonder Metal’ was used both internally and for the basic structure of what was the world’s tallest building for nearly 40 years.

WW2 saw the shift in use for aluminium to the manufacture of tank and airplane engines, and the uses and development of aluminium and its alloys continued throughout the 20th Century. By the mid 1990s through to the start of the 21st Century – Russia and China became the production powerhouses, taking the volume of production virgin material to astronomic amounts

However, RECYCLING aluminium is a very environmentally sound process. The production of recycled or secondary aluminium uses approximately 5% of the energy that it takes to produce the same weight of primary metal.

Adek is the first decking system available in the UK that is made from 100% recycled aluminium. This ties in with the Ecodek philosophy of developing products that have a low or negative carbon footprint. (Read more: Ecodek Eco Credentials & Carbon Negative) Importantly, because of the modern technology used in the production of Adek boards, there is no loss of quality or performance in our recycled material. (Read more:  or