How Do I Clean Aluminium Decking?

Aluminium decking is an investment and as such it needs to be robust enough to last, both in terms of safety and looks.

As with all materials, the colour of aluminium decking may fade over a very long period of time, especially if it’s in direct sunlight – but it will fade much slower than other materials. However, there are ways to mitigate fading.

  1. Choose a quality powder coating

When specifying aluminium decking, you get what you pay for. Our Adek aluminium decking systems have been designed and manufactured to last. All our boards have an industry leading Qualicoat 1 powder coating, which not only helps to reduce the risk of fading, but also ensures the boards maintain the relevant fire safety standards – which is critical if the boards are being used on a high-rise balcony.

  1. Keep the decking clean

Aluminium decking is extremely low maintenance. However, letting organic matter build up on the surface can affect its colour over time. We’d recommend brushing the decking on a regular basis to keep it clear of debris and giving it a deep clean with warm soapy water at least every six months – just not in hot direct sunlight! This will help to keep the aluminium decking looking its best all year round and help reduce the risk of fading.

  1. Look after aluminium decking

This may be obvious, but treating aluminium decking with a little respect will really help to prevent fading. For example, placing stands underneath plant pots will help reduce the risk of water gathering and causing damage to the surface. And regularly moving furniture and plants pots will help the decking fade naturally at the same rate, rather than the same areas being protected from the elements.

For further information about the Adek aluminium decking collection or to talk to our expert team about the risk of fading, call 01978 667 840.