The implementation of non-combustible building materials in the development of high-rise buildings has never been so prevalent, with balconies, roof terraces and walkway constructions increasingly specified within fire rated profiles.

Following the Hackett Report – which examined building regulations and fire safety with a focus on residential high-rise developments – it became a legal requirement for any material used in the construction or refurbishment of high-rise buildings of 18m or above to be non-combustible fire rated.

Subsequently, the need for appropriate materials to be sourced and applied within relevant refurbishment projects has truly come to the fore.

Responding to the directive, the team here at Ecodek, has developed the Adek Comfort Grip and Enhanced Grip systems as purpose-engineered, lightweight solutions. Both meet the Government’s construction criteria and perform practically and aesthetically within residential and commercial developments – new and refurbished.

“All building materials incorporated into the external envelope of a building that exceeds 18m in height now must be non-combustible.”

Making refurbishment safer

A requirement for high-rise refurbishment calls for a balcony or terrace decking system that is straightforward to install and delivers a refreshed aesthetic. However more importantly it needs to perform reliably in terms of use, safety and durability.

Manufactured to include a range of different profiles that allow for choice and flexibility, our Adek Comfort Grip and Adek Enhanced Grip products are available in lengths of 4m, 5m, or 6m, and are sized in widths measuring either in 147mm or 295mm.

The profiles can be cut to length on-site, with the larger 295mm boards designed to be ripped lengthways with the addition of a support leg, to ensure a perfect fit at the deck perimeter. The system includes bearers and pedestals in various heights, making Adek a truly adaptable refurbishment material that can be prepared for use, on or off site.

Faster, safer installation

Our Adek product has been designed by drawing on years of experience in supplying performance decking for high-rise buildings. The system is quick and simple to install. It reduces the need to perform each aspect of labour activity onsite and helps limit the amount of time installers must work at height.

These safety measures can be achieved because the product’s innovative design features channel profiles that allow lifting eye bolts to be used – even in boards that are already installed. The channel is simply pre-drilled sufficiently to enable the lifting eye fixing to pass through unobstructed before being secured to the balcony substructure below. Once the balcony is lifted and installed into its final position, the lifting eyes can be removed and the remaining holes concealed using unique press clipped channel covers; processes our Adek technical team can advise upon in more detail.

Style and substance

In addition to ensuring an industry-leading, fire-resistant specification, Adek systems are stylish and contemporary, comprising a smooth surface that offers a discreet anti-slip coating. Certified as Qualicoat 1 (Seaside grade), this internationally recognised standard has been rigorously sampled and tested for appearance, consistency adhesion, and weather and pollutant reactions.

A sustainable status

Whilst Adek’s safety assets are notable, our product’s sustainability credentials are also impressive, as it’s the first fully recyclable decking system available in the UK to be made from 100 per cent recycled aluminium.

“It’s never been so important for specifiers and refurbishment contractors to choose non-combustible building materials that recognise a wider remit in terms of responsibility, sustainability and safety,” said William Hogg, our Managing Director at Ecodek.

“Ecodek and the wider Epwin Group are committed to developing products that not only provide the industry with expertly designed, safety focused solutions – for both installer and building alike – but with materials that respect and help progress a sustainable methodology without compromising performance or appearance.”

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