Does aluminium decking warp?

The short answer is no, your aluminium decking should not warp. However, there is a caveat!

Whether you are fitting your aluminium decking yourself, or employing the skills of an expert, you must ensure that your aluminium decking is fitted and installed correctly. This will help to prevent any long-term damage or potential warping.

Trouble free installation

Adek is extremely easy to install. If you decide to install your decking yourself, our online Tech Hub features installation videos, drawings and guides which will help you complete your aluminium decking project correctly and professionally.

By getting the installation right first time, you will ensure your new aluminium decking is safe and secure, as well as helping to prevent potential future problems, such as warping.

Confidence in our quality

Our Adek aluminium decking range comes with a 30-year warranty, demonstrating our confidence in the quality of our aluminium decking boards. However, a bad installation can make even the best quality product perform under par. So by ensuring your new aluminium decking is fitted correctly, you will be guaranteed a long-lasting decked area that will not move or warp.

For further information about our Adek aluminium decking solution or how to best install your new aluminium decking, call our friendly expert team now on 01978 667 840.