Does aluminium decking fade over time?

We understand that aluminium decking is an investment and as such you want to ensure that your investment is going to last, both in terms of safety and looks.

As with all materials, the colour of aluminium decking may fade over a long period, especially if it is in direct sunlight for a prolonged amount of time.  However, there are ways you can mitigate fading.

Firstly, choose a quality product. For example, Adek aluminium decking boards have been designed and manufactured to last. All our boards have an industry leading Qualicoat 1 covering applied, which not only helps to reduce the risk of fading, but also ensures the boards maintain the relevant fire safety standards – which is critical, especially for those aluminium boards being used at height on balconies.

Secondly, keep your decking clean. Aluminium decking is extremely low maintenance, however letting organic matter build up on the surface can affect the colour of the decking. We would recommend cleaning your aluminium decking with a mild soap solution every six months, as well as sweeping away any debris when required. This will help to keep your aluminium decking looking its best all year round, for many years to come.

Thirdly, treat your aluminium decking with a little bit of respect! We all know that accidents do happen but trying to mitigate any damage to your decking is a way of keeping it looking like new for longer. Dropping pots and glasses or dragging garden furniture or decorative items across your decking can cause scratches and dints that may be very difficult to remove. By being careful around – but still enjoying! – your aluminium decking you can help prevent premature fading.

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